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The Clergy Coach

Rob Voyle

The Rev. Dr. Rob Voyle is a leader in the development and use of appreciative coaching in his work with clergy.

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The Career Coach

The Appreciative Way

The Dr. Kim Voyle is the Founder and Director of Pathfinders Career Services.

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Coach Training

We offer a blend of residential intensives and teleconferences to train you to appreciatively use your gifts for the benefit of others.

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Continuing Education

We are approved sponsors of Continuing Education for Psychologists and Coaches through the APA and BCC.

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Please contact Dr. Robert Voyle, if you have questions regarding the suitability of a program to meet your continuing education needs.

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Appreciative Inquiry Based Coaching

Certificate in
Coaching and

Appreciative Coaching

Our Appreciative Coaching is based on the Appreciative Way, Rob and Kim Voyle's synthesis of:

  • The practice and philosophy of Appreciative Inquiry
  • The work of Milton Erickson and Steve Andreas
  • Contemplative Spirituality

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The Appreciative Way synthesis results in a transformational model of coaching that is:

  • Incarnational
    We respectfully join you in your world and journey with you to your future, rather than drag you into our world.
  • Compassionate
    We use the three archetypal energies of compassion, tenderness, fierceness, and playfulness, to care for you, challenge you, and liberate you into your future.
  • Future Oriented
    Since you will spend the rest of your life in the future we want that to be a future of your choosing and making. We help you establish positive goals and discover the resources you need to create your preferred future.
  • Lived in the Present
    We help you discover how to live gracefully in the current moment, for the path to the future is found by living fully in this present moment.
  • Informed by the Past
    We see your history as a treasure trove of resources that you can use positively to inform your present actions and inspire your future.
  • Solution Focused
    We help you find solutions to problems rather than focus on causes and blame for past failures and problems.
  • Strength Based
    We help you grow your signature strengths and skills rather than focus on eliminating your weaknesses. By growing your strengths your weaknesses are made irrelevant to the pursuit of your future.
  • Values Based
    We help you discover and integrate your personal values into how you live and work so you can live with integrity.
  • Spiritually Sensitive
    We believe people are spiritual beings on a human journey. Rather than impose our spiritual outlook on you we help you access and use your spiritual resources, as you understand them, to achieve your goals and manifest your purpose in the world.
  • Purpose Centered
    We believe you were created for a purpose and have all the resources you need to fulfill that purpose. Abundant life flows when you are living in harmony with your values and manifesting your purpose in the world.
  • Love Inspired
    We believe that at the heart of the universe is a Heart of Love that embraces both coach and client and accepts us gracefully without condition. This heart of love is the Source of our existence and the essence of our life. Growing in living and liberally sharing that love is the fruit of Appreciative Coaching.

Appreciative Coach Training

For more information about our appreciative coach training please see:

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What Participants Say

Rob will enhance your ability to delight in yourself, your neighbor and God through his insightful, practical, loving, professionally grounded, appreciative and often mischievous coaching and teaching skills; and that will make you a better leader and citizen in God's creation.
Ed Leidel, Episcopal Bishop and Congregational Coach serving North America

Rob's appreciative coach training helped me to rethink the way I approach and provide therapy; Thanks! Dr. George Moses, Pastoral Counselor

After 45 years in the pastoral ministry and attending three events led by Rob Voyle, I have finally learned a better way to help church leaders help themselves and the people they serve. John Wilkerson, Director: Church Leadership Coaching and Consulting

Rob's combination of organizational savvy, teaching skills, theological and spiritual integration, and ability to rapidly build supportive, learning communities is quite simply the best in any of the churches today. Gray Temple, Episcopal Priest, Author & Coach

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