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Director of Training

Rob Voyle

Principal Trainer: Rob Voyle

  • Episcopal priest
  • Psychologist
  • Executive Coach

Rob is an accomplished speaker and trainer. Participants consistently rate his training programs as:

"one of the best workshops I've attended in years"

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The Appreciative Way

The Appreciative Way, is Rob and Kim Voyle's synthesis of:

  • The practice and philosophy of Appreciative Inquiry
  • The work of Milton Erickson and his students
  • Positive Psychology
  • Compassion as the agent of transformation
  • Contemplative Spirituality

The Appreciative Way
Discover the essentials of the
Appreciative Way in this fast
read format book by Rob and
Kim Voyle.

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Restoring Hope

Restoring Hope

Practical Appreciative Inquiry based strategies to effectively resolve grief and resentment.

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Assessing Skills and
Discerning Calls

Assessing Skills and Discerning Calls


  • Theological Perspective of the Search Process
  • Overview of Appreciative Inquiry
  • Conducting a Congregational AI Summit
  • Developing Job Requirements
  • Evaluating Supplemental Written Questions
  • Evaluating a Structured Interview
  • Checking References and Past Performance
  • Assessing Work Samples Such as Preaching and Celebrating
  • Discernment; Vestry Interviewing and Simulated Vestry Retreat Exercises


  • Readily Adaptable to Specific Parish Needs
  • Copyright Licenses Available for Congregational Use
  • Augments Adjudicatory and National Church Procedures

Search Consultancy

Use the Appreciative Way to coach a congregation through their search for a new leader.

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Continuing Education

We are approved sponsors of Continuing Education for Psychologists and Coaches through the APA and BCC.

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Please contact Dr. Robert Voyle, if you have questions regarding the suitability of a program to meet your continuing education needs.

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Certificate in Appreciative Transitional Ministry

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Training Schedule: Appreciative Transitional Ministry

No Appreciative Transitional Ministry workshops are scheduled at this time.

Please see training schedule for a complete listing of all training programs.

Appreciative Transitional Ministry

Appreciative Inquiry teaches: "What we focus on becomes our reality". Appreciative Transitional Ministry pays particular attention to what the Interim "aims" for during the transitional time. The Minister can focus on the problems the congregation was having in their last ministry or they can "aim" for the life-giving realities in the congregation and consider how they can be developed to create the congregation's future.

The appreciative approach contrasts many contemporary organizational interventions that utilize an illness model to focus on and eliminate problems. While well intentioned these problem focussed approaches often lead to increasing cycles of negativity and frustration rather than the hoped for congregational transformation. While positive in focus the appreciative approach does not avoid problems during the interim time. Rather the appreciative way looks to what is working and creatively expanding those activities to motivate and inspire transformational solutions.

Rather than relying on a "one size fits all" formula for Transitional ministry provides an incarnational way to join a congregation and develop a unique ministry for each ministry setting. It is about aiming for and discovering "what in God's name is going on in a congregation" and then growing these Godly realities to co-creating with God the congregation's future.

Interim Ministry or Transitional Ministry

Historically ministry during the time between senior pastors was called Interim Ministry. The current approach is to call this Transitional Ministry. This change in name also indicates a change in the scope of understanding transitions. Since any change, and not just the change in pastor, will result in change dynamics all clergy whether "settled pastors" or "interim" need to understand the process of facilitating change.

Our Transitional Ministry Training Programs would be very appropriate for:

  • Clergy ministering during a transition between senior pastors
  • Clergy joining new congregations as the settled pastor
  • Clergy on extended, but time limited ministries, as a response to special circumstances in the congregation
  • Settled clergy embarking on a significant change in congregational culture or ministry
  • Consultants and coaches to congregations in transition

Certificate in Appreciative Transitional Ministry

The Clergy Leadership Institute has developed a year long Appreciative Transitional Ministry training program that is a unique blend of

  • Theological Reflection
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Organizational Psychology
  • Transitional Leadership Theory

The training which may be taken in a variety of locations is typically arranged in the following sequential format:

Transitional Ministry 1: Introduction to Appreciative Interim Ministry

This five day intensive is broken into two segments. The first half is devoted to learning the philosophy and process of Appreciative Inquiry which provides the foundation of Appreciative Transitional Ministry. The second half of the training is devoted to presenting the incarnational model of Appreciative Transitional Ministry and strategies for joining a congregation and working with the parish dynamics to co-create preferred outcomes. Participants may complete these two segments separately at differing locations provided that the AI portion precedes the interim ministry training. Please see Introduction to Appreciative Transitional Ministry for more details of the program.

Weekly Teleconference for Just-In-Time Consultation

Weekly telephone based conference calls with a maximum of 8 people are scheduled at several times during the week to enable participants to receive "just-in-time" consultation as they engage in interim ministry.

Pre-Training Leadership Assessment

Prior to the second intensive participants will complete an online 360 degree leadership assessment, the results of which will be discussed during the second intensive.

Transitional Ministry 2: Appreciative Leadership for Transformation

The second week long intensive looks primarily at issues of leadership during the interim time and especially the leadership style of the Transitional Minister. This program is restricted to 14 participants to create a supportive learning environment for participants. For details of this program please go to Appreciative Leadership for Transformation


A typical AIM training schedule is as follows. Sessions include didactic presentations, personal reflection, Bible study and the daily offices from the Episcopal tradition.

Day 1:
9:00-12:00        Session 1
12:00-1:30 pm   Lunch
1:30-3:15 pm     Session 2
3:15-3:45 pm     Walking Meditation and Reflection
3:45-5:30 pm     Session 3

Day 2:
9:00-12:00        Session 4
12:00-1:30 pm   Lunch
1:30-3:15 pm     Session 5
3:15-3:45 pm     Walking Meditation and Reflection
3:45-5:30 pm     Session 6: Designing what could be
    Evening: Optional voluntary program: Introduction to Yes!3

Day 3:
9:00-12:00        Session 7
12:00-1:30 pm   Lunch
1:30-3:15 pm     Session 8
3:15-3:45 pm     Walking Meditation and Reflection
3:45-5:30 pm     Session 9

Day 4:
9:00-12:00        Session 10
12:00-1:30 pm   Lunch
1:30-3:15 pm     Session 11
3:15-3:45 pm     Walking Meditation and Reflection
3:45-5:30 pm     Session 12

Day 5:
9:00-12:00        Session 13

Workshop Format

The workshop is typically conducted in a retreat setting or parish with:

  • Didactic presentations
  • Personal practice and experience of appreciative process
  • Time for personal reflection and meditation
  • Corporate prayer
  • Opportunity for creative reflection on the past and anticipation of the future


Rob Voyle is an ordained Episcopal priest, psychologist, and coach. He is the Director of the Clergy Leadership Institute. Rob's parish ministry of over 20 years was primarily in the field of Interim Ministry. He is the organizer of the Transitional Ministry Network and is a past coordinator of the National Association of Episcopal Interim Ministry Specialists.

Rob is the originator of AIM which is the result of his twenty years of experience in interim ministry and organizational consultation.

Costs for 2024

Specific costs may vary depending on the hosting organization and the location.
For general cost estimates please see the policies page that details the program costs

The registration page will have the specific prices for each schedule event.
Please check the schedule and registration page for additional workshop specific information.

Registration for Workshop

To register for the workshop please go to the training schedule and select register for the appropriate workshop. For additional information please contact Rob Voyle

What Participants Say

The Rev. Robert Voyle was invaluable to making our search process a success. He led the committee members in Appreciative Inquiry exercises to build up the relationships of the team members and to begin to articulate some common understandings of the core values of our diocese.

Rob coached us to keep a clear perspective of what we had discerned as the skills and gifts necessary for our next bishop and to let this guide our work. He was also at the other end of the telephone or email when specific issues came up that would be helped by his experience and knowledge.

Joanna Shreve, Co-Chair Diocese of El Camino Real Bishop Search Committee

Rob's combination of organizational savvy, teaching skills, theological & spiritual integration, and ability to rapidly build supportive, learning communities is quite simply the best in any of the churches today.
Gray Temple, Episcopal Priest, Author & Coach

After 45 years in the pastoral ministry and attending three events led by Rob Voyle, I have finally learned a better way to help church leaders help themselves and the people they serve.
John Wilkerson, Director: Church Leadership Coaching & Consulting

Rob's appreciative coach training helped me to rethink the way I approach and provide therapy; Thanks!
Dr. George Moses, Pastoral Counselor

Rob will enhance your ability to delight in yourself, your neighbor and God through his insightful, practical, loving, professionally grounded, appreciative and often mischievous coaching and teaching skills; and that will make you a better leader and citizen in God's creation.
Ed Leidel, Episcopal Bishop and Congregational Coach serving North America

"I have been fully engaged emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. Thank you for touching me at the core of my being."
M.E. Member of the UCC Church.

"Of all the training I have been to, your notes are the ones I keep coming back to time and again for practical resources."
P.W. Conference Pastor.

Rob's training is full of heart, wit, and passion.
E.R. Executive Coach

Rob's educational model brings body, mind and spirit together. I have been challenged intellectually, transformed spiritually, touched emotionally, gathering in communally. He came into my life at just the right time.

Jean Holmes, Presbyterian Pastor

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